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The 3D Artists Magazine hosts one of my works in the todays Issue (81) in the artists spotlight page :)

This is one of the four magazines you will find my work (i will inform you for the rest when is confirmed)  !

Even if i am not 100% sure i belive tomorow a full interview of mine will be in the 3D world magazine but i cant confirm 
100% if will be in this months issue !

Thank you all for your kind words and comments so far !


Hello guys,

Some of my work because of the high demand are now available here… ,now you can buy the prints cheap in Uk and Framed in US

Cheers ,

Great support from the Rubiconmodels…

another block review ,people seem that like the models and the box arts :)…

ps : When i have the OK and the wallpapers from the work i did for them i will post it here 
I am glad that now i can saw a bit more about this work ! 

Like the title says before few days we published our fist work the "Greek Behind The Cockpits" Level one (we hope to do two more) 

Good to see my work been signed by people like Emil "Bud" Anderson ,Robert Vrilakas ,Steve Pisanos and many other great WW2 Pilots ! I cant wait to see the originals arriving to my house !

Hope to see The english version one day been published by osprey or another company In US and Europe !

Here are few pictures of the book and the pilots !

Hope you like it

ps: I have no idea how to make the pictures live here :D








Another link added…
One of the many commision works i did this year is published today ,this is a small part of what i have done for Rubicon models so far...i hope i will do dozen or even more until the end of this year and hope for next year !…

I will ask if i can share some of them here !

Hope you like it !
Sorry for not commenting a lot lately to your last replies to my work but some times is too hard to follow due to my work this time of the year...For those who dont know i am a full size seasonal pilot instructor and for me early summer is when the season starts !

More than 300 new friends and Followers the last couple of months... i really appreciate it hope to enjoy my work in the future also 

Well some great news about my work/hobby (call it what ever you like its a hobby for me :D ) i am working on two books about Aviation History one is ready to been published with subject the Greek Pilots of World War two (part one and we hope for two more) and the other even if we dont have tittle yet have to do with Allies that fought to all big wars around the world but their histories never had  the recognition they deserve in any other know book so far...thats means crazy and rare dogfight scenes for me with models that i never work with before... for example the indian squadrons of ww2 against Japan and many more !

So far my friend and writer of the first book "Greeks Behind the Cockpits"  
 Dimitrios Vassilopoulos managed to have most of my original prints signed by the Ace pilots like Steve Pisanos… so i am very happy about it. When the book is out i will post pictures of the original prints and also part of the scenes i did for the book.

After Summer to my plans is also my personal site with many nice goodies for you :)

Thats what i am working for now ...out :)


You Know the name of John Hoagland Ak@ vanishingpoint especially if you like poser models...Before a while he asked me to write a bit about my self for the "Artist Spotlight" at his site.

Here is the interview…

Thank you John for the  interview and you people here at the DA for the support !

Antonis Karidis
Find the similarities Original :…  and the ones i made……

No comment...

Find the similarities……

No comment...
Today i finish work and for the next 4 months i will be free...yeahh :D 

Well to the point,

 3000+watchers ,1600 plus new watchers only the last 5 months...Well thank you all and sorry if i didnt have the time to reply to every single one of you,i was waiting for the magic number so.... i think i own you something good :) stay tuned i hope tomorow i will have my new scene ready.

Thank you again ,


Wow... Guys i never had 10.000+ views to a single work in one day...and  so many comments, I want to thank you all ...i tried to reply to most the comments but after a while is a lot of work :P but i really appreciate your time to spend to comment !

Anyway thank you for your support :)


Be aware guys this fucking retard upload and selling many of my work and some of yours,I can recognise some of  Dugs Work and many other !
I just report him !…

I think is one of the best plane animations around
My work futured to increateble :)
well i am glad :)

Link here :… and here :… here :…
Thank you very much ^WillowXD for the DD,you always support my work :) and all of you People for the positive Comments i really appreciate it ! Make sure to check Grahams amazing Gallery… he deserves it more than me for the amazing render !